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BIG BANG// Video " I LOVE BEAUTY", 30 x 41 cm


BIG BANG// Valentino Rock'n
55 x 65 cm /
C-Print / Acryl

VALENTINO// catwalk

180 x 118 cm, 2010
C-Print / Acryl / Alu-Dibond

Foto: Jan Friese
Hair & Make-up: Rebecca Keim
Fashion & Styling: Ekachai Eksaroj
ekacEkachai Eksaroj
Postproduktion: Jens Greber

Besides fashion itself, models and designers stand as the most important protagonists within the systems of the Fashion World. A core mode of operation reveals itself exactly in these human players. Fashion designers use their models like avatars and compose with the malleability of their young frames. Everywhere our vision is filled with underweight bodies. On the “runway” they become the proxies of the artistic or graphic sketches of their creators. Often at the end of the catwalk the whole extent of the tragedy reveals itself. A manipulation by ageing design-icons of these frail figures forces one to contemplate face-to-face a view of beauty and youth, that is helpless and constrained. Gender identities and gender roles tend to be particularly reinforced in fashion through selfdramatization.

BIG BANG// BIENE & LUCY, 55 x 65 cm
C-Print / Acryl / Alu-Dibond, weissen Holzrahmen

Make-Up/ Wigs / Dresses
In the photographic series BIG BANG the artist Catrine Val focusValentino_enges a spotlight on the contemporary vision of women. As in her project cycle TREAP, this new work broaches the subject of media strategies in the world of glamour. Inserting herself for brief interludes in an Haute Couture fashion show Catrine Val relates to the fashion creator Valentino. Along her tightrope walk through irritation, satire, and vulnerability she uses as basic elements the make-up, wigs, clothes and professional photography of the Fashion System. A discrepancy with the source fashion photos is exposed solely through the insertion of her body in the composition. In the photographic staging of BIG BANG a subtle scrutinization is presented of visual codes and conventional notions of beauty, concepts that are saturated by today's media reality.
The electrifying moment of triumph is near.



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