C.copy Illusion

C.Copy Illusion
Installation 1999

Consists of:
3 x digital prints behind glass
in white lacquered wooden frames
each 9o x 200 cm
3 x white lacquered pedestals with bell jars
3 x Fashion magazine VOGUE
Model: Luise Rode
Photo: Holger Ernst
Hair, make-up: Marion Garz

C. Copy Illusion is inspired by every individual, who strives to follow and internalise fashion or advertisement dictates respectively. Through this process individuality of appearance falls victim to the inhibited mass copying of the temporary beauty concept.
I imitated three scenes from three separate editions of the fashion magazine VOGUE and edited the images digitally. At a close inspection one realises that none of the details (i.e. make-up, styling, background) corresponds with the original.

The magazine is presented on a pedestal underneath a bell jar unapproachable by anyone. The installation reminds of a market stall, the framed picture being the product. The triptych shows the same model representing differing clichés of femininity: Innocence, Eroticism, Intelligence.
On the surface the images appeal through their beauty, yet at the same time they reflect an oppressive atmosphere, through the precarious balance between an attempted perfection and an ultimate failure to achieve this.



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