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I am very interested in science and pseudo-science, in access to information, in how art is created, so I use my personal "philosophical toys" in an attempt to answer these questions. Part of my interest is pure nostalgia for the past wonders and the circumstances, especially the 19th century. My inspiration is characterized by complexity and internal openness. I try to make my work with elegance and humour and courage to be and think differently. Exploring these stylistic attribution in everyday life without over intellectualising them, instead treating it as a playground without any boundaries. Authentic, fast-thinking reflection of one's life. I try to realize my work with "poetic irony and refinement". In this sense the inspiration can be understood as ongoing, never ending choreography, of motion, gesture, light, the rhythm, the taste, text and the peculiar attitude to political challenges. I guess it is a daily departure. However, convincing formal solutions, need their own development. These contain a lot more discipline than it would appear on the surface level. Mechanisms and strategies of inspiration are always connected with the cultural history. I integrate the elements of popular culture and everyday life as vehicles for my work.




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