POPUP/ Moon and Bonfires

POPUP/ Moon and Bonfires / Vorlage Gianni Versace 1994
Models:Stephanie Seymour, Christy Turlington. Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer und Nadja Auermann

Moon and Bonfires
Foto: Jan Friese
Hair & Make-up: Rebecca Keim
Stylist: Ekachai Eksaroj

POPUP/ Moon and Bonfires / Preview

Attitudes and Poses
Our times are filled with a wave of narcissism and an obsessed cult of self-expression. With Moon and Bonfires drawn out of the process of “being yourself,” attention is focused on the fiction between individuality and socialization, between emotion and cognition. In this sense Catrine Val relates exactly to this definition. In the photo project Catrine Val slips into the role of each and every model. Out of the stencils and codices of youth the viewer is confronted with their bodily anomalies. The relationship between beauty and media images is very old. Since antiquity, artificial proportion has been overlayed upon the ideal of beauty. In the large format billboard POPUP/ Moon and Bonfires, adapted from Gianni Versace, as a satirical quotation of the rediscovery of the naïve temptresses in the age of the supermodels. Fashion is a concentration of paradoxes, that are augmented the deeper one investigates. Modern life has distanced itself far away from authenticity and solidity with an assurance of following what others do, since fashion always changes anyway.




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