INGENIEUR/ 180 X 94 cm/ C-Print/ 2010-2011


230 x 146 cm
C-Print / Acryl / Alu-Dibond / 2011

ENGINEER/ 180 X 94 cm
C-Print / Acryl / Alu-Dibond / 2010-2011

230 x 146 cm
C-Print / Preview
/ 2011

Toppling fashion from its pedestal
In the medium of photography the triptych ENGINEER addresses the dictate of apparent transience, by empty and superior people, in coded rooms. The aura of fashion orders itself in various functions and aesthetics in favour of a an eerie underside. The cited clothing articles: the bikini, the flowing turbocharged chiffon dress, and the conceptuality of a Martin Margilia, serve merely as a guideline. The isolation of the figures in ENGINEER is heightened through their graphic dominance in spatial memory, to a waywardness, that can be felt as deep rooted pain. Marching forward, powered by a classical strength: physicality. The gaze of the viewer is the completion of an object as an empty subject. This sculptural and superficial masquerade speaks out against individuality and with its forms and sheaths of clothing.

SECOND LIVES/ detail 230 x 146 cm/ C-Print / Acryl / Alu-Dibond / 2011

In the new photo projects, Catrine Val captures the distance of the catwalk in a multi-media staging, where the models have an aura that becomes an interplay between distance and closeness. The depth of focus channels its way through many blurred figures to a central face. Searching for a possibility to be oneself, to think for oneself, and to deal with oneself. How many identities can one person live and still construct themselves into a singular being?
Through the standardization of the self a question arises regarding innate individuality, in all of its vulnerability and beauty. In ENGINEER the pattern of groupings as a mass is conferred upon the entire formation by only one face, and one styling. Gilles Deleuze wrote: “The attempt to disenchant myself and the world, finally leads to a total enchantment.”




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