break-time spectacle
Installation 2002

24 min.

Installation 2002
24 min.

3 Monitors,
3 synchronised DVD- players
6 Pillars, lacquered with high gloss
1 velour carpet 340 x 320 cm

The installation “Pausenplattform" mirrors the normal school day of six pubescent girls. In real and staged recordings they talk about their everyday life in school; exams, blackouts, break-time chats, make-up. Dreams are contrived, and small confessions are made.
The starting point for the work is, how each of the girls deals with the pressure to perform in everyday school life. The installation broaches this issue through the girls’ depictions of their attitudes and the handling of their bodies. The perfect make-up and styling, the seduction through clothing and the way they flatter their eyes, takes priority over achieving good marks. Breaks are more important than lessons; as they can be themselves during these periods. The daily race for the perfect measures and the beauty ideal put forward by the media dictate their life naturally.

Installation view Coolhunter/ ZKM, 2005

Viewed from the outside, the traverse from girl to woman is almost completed . Their ideas and dreams stem from the media representations, and they attempt to get closer to their ideals with great dedication. The 3 monitors of the installation signify the pervasiveness of the media. Their narrations are inter-cut by staged dancing scenes. The featured girls are united by their affiliation with “Cheerleading”. They all train at the 1. FC Cologne group. The sport signifies fun, entertainment, seduction, bodily fitness. Organisers book the group to fill breaks in a general programme.
Smiling synchronously and form up to the group!

The re-emerging theme in the linear edit is the specially created “logo” of the girls. The number of circles coincides with the number of girls. At the same time the “six” refers to the lowest mark in the German marking system. The pattern of the pink dots symbolises the pyramid formation during cheerleading. It can be found obtrusively on T-Shirts and wallpaper, in the classrooms or as a background for the dance-sequence. The girls are represented as they negotiate between reality and abstraction. It becomes apparent, that the girls are drawn towards giving.


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