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Installation 2000
Dauer: 38 min.

Video projectors, 1 Bench 54 x 304 cm with 4 chair cushions 2 synchronised DVD-players, 1 Amplifier

The footage of this installation was gathered through interviews with five mothers about the relationship between mothers and daughters. All selected families comprised at least three daughters and no sons. The mothers are exclusively represented through the sound recording, in which the daughters do not feature. The installation explores the daughter’s silent reaction to their mothers’ statements. While running synchronously the projections and sound recordings are ordered by family affiliation.

The editing and the temporal succession set the families in dialogue with one another. Each group of sisters remains an item through the similarities of their reactions. Yet parallels, analogue attitudes, and invariably returning patterns arise between the individuals through combination of three and four daughters respectively. I consider the exclusion of the male gender is an artistic reduction.

The commentary when the third child was born: ”A daughter, AGAIN…” "Nobody was able to understand, that we really did wish for a daughter. You’ll have to keep on trying, so it’ll be a son at last!”

My aim is the representation of a very natural evolution process: The woman bears a child, the child grows up, becomes independent, and bears a child itself. Generations shift but one always remains a daughter- regardless of the age one has reached. The installation tells an assembled story that happens today, and in which the women take centre stage. The power and special qualities of each girl is common to all.




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