vivre en automne


vivre en automne
Installation 2002
Dauer: 24 min.

3 Monitors,
3 synchronised DVD- players m 6 Pillars
lacquered with high gloss
1 velour carpet 340 x 320 cm

The Installation "vivre en automne" is concerned with six retired men. For the project I interviewed men from different professions on this stage of their lives. The film is ordered chronologically and is composed of two juxtaposed genres: Matter-of-fact tracking shots introduce the menís living spaces in brief alternating sequences. Wardrobes are opened, alcoves are illuminated, everyday objects are personalised. The corresponding person remains hidden from the onlooker. During the visual recordings the viewer hears the off- sound of single answers taken from the interviews regarding the menís experiences of their time between years of employment routines and retirement.These improvised recordings stand in contrast to the carefully designed “advertisement clips”.

The big projection introduces the six men in brief consecutive clips designed by myself set in counter rhythm to the matter-of-fact tracking shots. Each clip is produced an initiated following the same design patterns taken from the advertising genre, but is matched to each man’s preferences, hobbies, and abilities. In the imitated artificiality of the advertisement clip the protagonist is flattered without actually advertising a product.

Underscored by music and animated slogans a positive, active future of each pensioner is transported to the audience. I use the genre systematically to broach the issue of old age. In general advertising the representation of older citizens is largely masked out. Through the imitated artificiality the protagonist is placed in the limelight yet without advertising a saleable product.

"But the retirement is simple, the present, no responsibilities for tomorrow there is nothing. It means that nobody asks anything, nobody demands anything of me. Not even a phone call, that I have to react to somehow.”

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