Zwischen den Fenstern

Zwischen den Fenstern
Videoinstallation, 1997-98

Wardrobe Curtains, 8 Monitors and VHS-players

The wardrobe contains four monitors stacked like piles of clothes. On one of the monitors runs a recording of one of the eight inhabitants. I interviewed them with a questionnaire composed by myself, and concerning the question “What does the view out of your window mean to you?”
In the same flats I also recorded the respective view out of the window, and the other monitors simultaneously show these various views in never-ending loops. The curtains hanging in front of the monitors furthermore filter the images. Through the installation the wardrobe appears alive; it transforms into a block of flats offering intimate insights into the lives of the inhabitants.

How long have you been living in this flat?
Which is your favourite place in your flat?
What does the view out of your window mean to you?
What can you see outside?
How does the view change with the seasons?
Did the view change since you have been living here?
How many windows has your flat got?
How do you protect yourself from your neighbours’ gazes?
Do you know your neighbours?
How would you like to live some day?




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